Dear Valued Clients of Heritage Animal Hospital,

Our doors have been opened! Clients will now be able to enter the buildings freely and accompany your pets to all appointments. Mask wearing is still recommended, but not required. Please be aware that this situation is still evolving and our policies and operating guidelines will need to be as well.

Curbside service will still be offered for those that would prefer to go that route. For curbside service, when you arrive to the clinic, please remain in your vehicle and call the respective phone number (Greenville office: 920-757-0407, Hortonville office: 920-779-4343). For appointments, after calling to let us know you have arrived, a technician will come to your vehicle and bring your pet inside for the exam. While you are waiting in your vehicle, a doctor will call to discuss the reason for today’s visit and any findings/instructions they may have for you. At the end of the visit, one of our receptionists will be calling you to collect payment, after which a technician will bring your pet back out to your vehicle along with the receipt and any items that may have been purchased.

If you need to simply pick up medication or pet food, please call ahead to streamline the process. You have the option to pay over the phone for your items at the time the order is placed or when you arrive to pick them up, either is fine. If you prefer curbside pick-up, you will just need to let us know when we should place the items outside (we have a pick-up area next to the front door at each clinic), we can do so immediately if you plan to pick it up shortly or you can give us another call when you arrive at the clinic.

If you are feeling ill or have had any symptoms of COVID-19, we still ask that you reschedule your appointment for a later date.

Please visit and like our Facebook page where you will find important updates as they become available,

Lastly, thank you for your loyalty and sticking with us through these challenging times. Our entire team is very excited to have you back in the clinic with your pets; we have missed you!

The Staff of Heritage Animal Hospital